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Check out my MySpace or Facebook [Oct. 18th, 2007|08:47 pm]
No one really goes to this site anymore, so check me out at:



www.Facebook.com (under "Eddy Dorozowsky")

OR e-mail me at:


Thanks for being hardcore & dirrrty!!!!!

SeXXXy Eddy signing off...
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June & July... Old Boobs are still Boobs! [Jul. 27th, 2007|05:32 pm]
-Fri.June 1 Granby, Que – GEW single vs.Magnifique Zero LOSS
“Uprising” at Arena Léonard Grondin

-Sat.June 2 Ottawa, Ont – PCW tag(Semi) w/Chris Thorn
vs.Kwan Chang & Prophet WIN

-Fri.June 8 Montreal – ALF tag w/Nikky acc/Belissima
“Haute Tension” vs.Eve & James Kraven WIN

-Sat.June 9 Ottawa, Ont – NOW single(Semi) vs.MVP: Michael Von
“Inferno” at Brewer Arena Payton WIN
(invited Misty Haven to the ring for a special pre-match dance)

-Sat.June 16 Montreal – IWS tag(M)* w/Green Phantom vs.Hardcore
“Body Count” - 8th Anniversary Show Ninjaz LOSS
(No Ropes Barbwire match – on 2 sides of the ring)
(Barbwire wrapped around my cock, garbage can tombstone to the floor)

-Sun.June 17 San Antonio, Texas – ACW single(Semi)
“A Sexxxy Sunday Night” at The Venue vs.“One Man” Mike Dell LOSS
(Strip with Rachel Summerlyn) (Ref bump, garbage-can moonsault,
Rory Fox runs in, double team powerbomb on can to cause my loss)

-Sat.June 30 Hamilton, Ont – NSW single* vs.Timothy Dalton LOSS
“History In The Making 3: Strong Style Tournament Night 2”
(Brass Knuckles Championship)
(huge bump on my forehead from a chair-assisted shining wizard)

-Sun.July 1 Oshawa, Ont – MCW single vs.Prophet WIN
“Great Canadian Wrestling Bash” at outdoor festival

-Fri.July 6 St-Jerome, Que – outdoor spot show triple threat
vs.Jaguar vs.X-Ode (X-Ode gets pinned by Jaguar) LOSS

-Fri.July 13 Oshawa, Ont – MCW single/ hardcore WIN
“Standing Our Ground” vs.Green Phantom (Falls Count Anywhere)
(strip on the promoter's sister) (pinned Phantom under a guardrail)

-Sat.July 14 Montreal – IWS tag w/Green Phantom LOSS
“Summer Slaughter” vs.Super Smash Brothers: Player Uno & Stupified
(double strip)(after match pull-apart backstage between ME & Phantom)

---Sat.July 21 I was supposed to wrestle for MCPW in Kalkaska, Michigan. Because of my neglegiance, while buying some DVDs for the 12-hour roadtrip, I had dropped my passport & wallet at a Best Buy in Montreal. With no ID, you don't cross the border. A huge apology to the MCPW staff, wrestlers, and fans. I will make it up in the near future, hopefully the next show.


This story must be told! After the July 1st afternoon show, myself and Prophet decided that we would stop off at our favorite watering-hole "Phatty Kats bar & grill" in Cornwall. By the time we get there, it will be 11:30pm, and the Canada Day festivities will be on their way. We arrive, and we are welcomed with open arms by the owner Denis. Pics are taken (check out their site at: www.Phattykats.com) and the drinking begins. Needless to say, us Montreal wrestlers make an impact, so much that women ALL ages are after us. Everytime we go there, we always have an adventure. This was no exception, since Denis found a drunk elderly woman's purse, he told her that I found it and that I rally enjoy boobs. Before I could open my mouth in my defense, I was treated to a set of 52 year old breasts (she even bragged that they were all natural). The image is pemanently burnt into my brain!

Before I leave you guys, here is an excerpt from an IWS newsletter setting up my match for the June 16th show, from the IWS' head-writer & unsung hero Llakor. It's a great feeling when others appreciate you and your work doesn't go unnoticed. Thanks Mike:

Strong Style Typings
Body Count
The Forgotten Man

I was at ALF last night. Once again, amongst the biggest pops were reserved for SeXXXy Eddy. After the show, he gently chided me for the article that I posted yesterday about the Evil Ninja and the No Ropes Barbed Wire match, because I mentioned the Evil Ninja a lot, Hardcore Ninja Number One not so much and the Green Phantom just in passing... and Eddy NOT AT ALL!

Mea Culpa.

My Bad.

SeXXXy Eddy was not the first man to hold the IWS (then the WWS) title, but he was the first man to hold the CIXS title which became the DWF title which became the WWS title. Depending on how you count it, he has been the IWS champion three or four times. No one else has held the title more than once.

SeXXXy Eddy was not the first man to jump off the balcony at the Medley. On the other hand, every one else has fallen off the balcony in one way or another (albeit some more impressively than others.) Eddy LEAPT from the balcony in a frog splash at Born to Bleed 2001.

SeXXXy Eddy was not the first IWS wrestler to travel to the States, but he was the one who rivetted people’s attention to the IWS and to Quebec with his performance at CZW Tournament of Death 3 when, during a second round match where he beat the Arsenal, Eddy pumped his scarred bicep and squirted blood into his mouth.

SeXXXy Eddy was not the first IWS wrestler to travel to Europe, but when he did, he built connections that paved the way for El Generico and Kevin Steen to make regular trips to Europe.

Sometimes we take things for granted. Sometimes we overlook the dependable ones, the perennials, because they are dependable, because they are perennial. What we see every day, what is familiar, begins to become invisible.

Eddy has always been the flashiest wrestler in the IWS. The guy who has been there since before day one. The guy whose ambitions were so large and whose antics were so outrageous that the IWS had to be invented to contain him.

At Body Count, SeXXXy Eddy will wrestle in a No Ropes Barbed Wire match. It is an unforgiving match, one that leaves men scarred and bloody.

Just like always, Eddy will be wearing boots. He will be wearing a red bow tie. He will be wearing a thong. AND THAT IS ALL!

In a match that many veterans would not wrestle in without wearing body armor, Eddy will wrestle it just like always - virtually naked.

How ever did we begin to overlook the naked man in our midst?

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BIG plans [May. 31st, 2007|04:42 pm]
Not to bore you guys with match details, I am adjusting my journals to talk more about myself & sex (that's what people really want)! I will still include each month's matches with some highlights, for those who want to know where I've been tappin' dat ass! Then I will rant about anything and everything. I encourage feedback (it keeps me writing these blogs). ENJOY!

Sat.May 5 Shawinigan, Que – FCL triple threat
acc/Eve vs.Squee J vs.Guil Reno(+) WIN
“Massive Aggression” at Centre Communautaire Christi-Roi (kiss spot intro with Eve)

Fri.May 11 Montreal – ALF Nikky acc/Belissima vs.Kathy acc/Khiana
“Envers et contre tous” (Run-in save on Nicky after she loses match, beat down & split up from Eve & James Kraven)

Sat.May 12 Blainville, Que – TOW 3-way/ hardcore
vs.Franky the Mobster acc/Josianne the Pussycat vs.“Paranoid” Jake Matthews acc/Lollipop WIN
“Quitte ou double” at Parc Equestre de Blainville
(Intro & strip with 4 strippers, grabbed Lollipop’s ass, kissed Josey)

Fri.May 25 Chateauguay, Que – NGE/SWR triple threat(Semi-Final for SWR Championship) vs.Brick Crawford© vs.Razen(+) LOSS
(Kiss spot with Belissima, crowd chops on Razen, Razen puked in the ring)

Sat.May 26 Montreal – IWS 3 team tag(Semi-Final for IWS Tag Team Championships) LOSS w/Green Phantom vs.Hardcore Ninjaz
“Scarred 4 Life” vs.Hi-5: Beef Wellington(+) & Kid Kamikaze


Here is video I found on YouTube. Thanks bro, you are the man:

When fans do this, I truly mark out. Not for myself, but for the work and effort you guys put in. It makes us continue doing what we love to do and I thank you from the bottom of my heart (not in character right now).

I get this question asked quite often, so I will address it in public, "When are you coming back to CZW?"
-Well, my last show was "Cage of Death" in December 2006. Right now I reside in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - for those who know, when it snows in Montreal... IT SNOWS! Thus a 7 1/2 hour drive becomes a 10 hour drive, where sometimes you can't be sure to even get to the venue. Is a match worth an accident? Is anything in life worth an accident! I slid off the road in March going to a show only 4 hours away, setting us off schedule, with no pay for the show, towing costs, and hotel costs. Everyone was fine, but we are not paid enough for some of the shit we have to endure.
Due to the weather, I was taking a break from Philly during the winter months. Not doing CZW opened up my schedule (not to mention my other road-trip wrestling buddies). With our schedules available, other feds booked fast and for storyline purposes, set us up with several dates. What was to be a 3 month sabatical, ended up as a break to this day from CZW. I know that things were a little rough for the company with some of the decisions made starting off 2007, but as I look back, it was a wise decision. I am safe (knock on wood) from doing more local shows for the same pay with less travel. I am not on CZW's active roster anymore (neither are many other friends I've had the pleasure to work with), so I guess that my services are no longer needed. They were fine before my TOD 3 "Pierced artery incident", they will continue to shine without me.
I need new challenges, I need new opponents, I need new pussy to conquer! Thank you for all you have done for me CZW, John Zandig, everyone backstage who bleed the black & blue, and to all the ultraviolent soldiers that show up to every show. I can never forget you for all you have done for my career, for the careers of my other Canadian compadres, and for the memories (I have too many DVDs & too many F'N scars to ever forget C-Z-F'N W!!!). Who knows in wrestling, there may be a SeXXXy return, but as of now nothing is planned.

I should have some great sexual exploits for the month of June, since I will be making my debut for Anarchy Championship Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas. Stay tuned my friends!
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Apologies are due to my fans [May. 2nd, 2007|10:23 pm]
I am sorry guys & gals,

I have been neglecting those who made me and have been concentrating all my efforts on my DICK since the beginning of 2007. I've had to deal with a few unwanted STD's, but now that I am getting back in the gym, I can give my Sexaholics the low-down that SeXXXy Eddy is alive and kicking, and that I will never die! Here's what I've been up to, with a quick run down of February, March & April with some important notes from the matches. I will be back in May with more details of my matches and my sexual escapades...

-Fri.Feb.9 Montreal – FLQ/ALF 3 on 3 w/Club Crazy: Eve & Nikky acc/Belissima vs.Paradox & Naughty School Girls: Josianne the Pussycat & Mary Lollypop acc/Rachelle WIN
(kiss, face in tits & eat out spot on Josey, double vaginal claw on Josey & Mary, grabbed Rachelle’s ass)

-Sat.Feb.17 Montreal – IWS single vs.Pierre-Carl Ouellet
“Violent Valentine” LOSS
(strip with super fan Violent Ray’s mother)

-Sun.Feb.25 Cornwall, Ont – CWA single vs.eXeSs
“Battle Royale” WIN

-Sun.Feb.25 Cornwall, Ont – CWA Battle Royal-Main Event
eliminated 14th of 20 by Quinson Valentino

-Fri.Mar.2 Hamilton, Ont – NSW tag w/Deanna Conda vs.Saint Stephen Elias acc/Saphire & Amazing Darkstone LOSS
“Secret Wars 2” (face in Deanna’s tits powered me up)

-Sat.Mar.3 Montreal – ISW triple threat vs.Kenny the Bastard vs.King Sphinx(+) WIN
“Slamtasia” at Bogey’s World (Kenny humps everyone’s legs!)

-Sat.Mar.10 Maple, Ont – CWR single vs.Jake O’Reilly acc/Seduction
“Shell Shocked” (CWR World Championship Tournament)
(Made out with Seduction after the match)
[After the show: Car accident that night in blizzard]

-Fri.Mar.16 Montreal – FLQ/ALF special guest referee
Mary Lollypop acc/Paradox vs.Kelly Hart(winner)

-Fri.Mar.23 Cornwall, Ont – CWA single vs.Prophet WIN

-Fri.Mar.23 Cornwall, Ont – CWA single - Main Event
acc/Ruffy Silverstein vs.Tank acc/Prophet WIN

-Sat.Mar.24 Montreal – IWS tag/deathmatch - Main Event
w/Green Phantom vs.Hardcore Ninjaz WIN
“Un F’N Sanctioned 2007” at Club Medley
(Dru Onyx forfeits the title, I replace him, I defend the tag belts with Green Phantom and make the pin)

-Sat.Apr.7 Rochester, New York – NWA Upstate 3 on 3 w/Beef Wellington & Bobby Fish vs. Star Foundation: Platinum,Fabulous John McChesney & Star Rider
“Anniversary Anarchy 3” at Dome Arena LOSS
(Chipped front tooth on apron wood & split open my bottom lip from McChesney... yes the same guy who jobbed to Umaga on Smackdown!)

-Fri.Apr.13 Oshawa, Ont – MCW single/ deathmatch - Main Event vs.Viking
“Declaration Of War” (Caribbean barbed wire ropes – for ISW Heavyweight title) LOSS
(Crowd sang Happy Birthday for me, Double strip with jailbait ;) , underwear got ripped off during the match)

-Fri.Apr.27 Chateauguay, Que – NGE/SWR single acc/Fan:Pascale vs.Michael Style acc/Sofy WIN (Saved the fan from being attacked, took a kendo stick to the head after winning the match)

-Sat.Apr.28 Montreal – IWS 3 team tag w/Green Phantom(+) vs.Super Smash Bros.: Player Uno & Stupified vs.Hardcore Ninjaz
“Know Your Enemies” LOSS
(End of match, Phantom pierced an artery in his bicep shooting out blood, reminiscent of yours truly)


SeXXXy Eddy ;)
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2007, The Year of My Cock ! [Feb. 2nd, 2007|08:51 am]
After a much needed vacation, and back to reality. I want my abs back!!! Gotta hit the gym and get back on those marathon fuck-sessions to get my cardio back.

Saturday, January 6th in Cornwall, Ontario for Canadian Wrestling Action's debut show “New Year’s Bashings”. The crowd was treated to a triple threat between myself the crowd favorite vs.Prophet vs.Mike Stevens. Not only did I take the match, I also left with Steven's valet after the match... the celebrations continued all night long! Now, that's how I like to start off every year.

Another federation debut on Friday the 12th in Trois-Rivières, Quebec for Xtreme Quebec Wrestling “Evolution 2007”. Another triple threat for the main event vs.“Canadian Dynamite” Max Boyer vs.Damian Steele who was accompanied by Razen. Taking the big Steele out of the equation after the entire front row chopped his chest to minced meat, Boyer (CHIKARA's Young Lions Cup winner) pinned me with a stunning picture perfect german-suplex. Did I mention that the show was held at a College! Girls Gone Wild!!! Note to promoters, the only thing I like more than college girls are high-school girls, so let's get some shows lined up at thehigh-schools near the local bars!

Saturday the 13th for MWF in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines for a 6-way between Fred la Merveille accompanied by Wondergirl, Amazing Chrys, Kid Kamikaze, Jason Starr, and once again that damn Prophet. Fred took this one on Starr. A personal accomplishment and a SeXXXy Eddy Hallmark family moment, this was my first ever pre-match strip with a MILF & daughter combo between my legs at the same time! Who knew that wrestling can bring families closer together, REAL CLOSE!!!

Friday the 19th was a benefit show for “La maison des jeunes” in Chateauguay, Quebec. This was a joint show by New Generation Entertainment & Showcase Wrestling Revolution. A triple threat (is there a theme for January?) for the semi-final of the night. Accompanied by the beautiful Eve to take on Razen & Nightstalker in a #1 Contender’s match for the SWR title. After finishing Razen, Stalker pulld me out of the ring and stole the pin. In the end, I finished on top, I would always take the girl instead of a belt. When was the last time a title gave me a blow-job!?!

Saturday the 20th rounded off the month at the IWS in Montreal in a singles contest against Don Paysan for his newly won IWS Canadian Heavyweight title at Praise The Violence. I came out to Justin Timberlake’s “Dick In A Box” and continued with my strip, going for an inter-racial combo of flavor. I should have kept my focus, but when the pussy calls out come my balls. The crowd was split during the match in this face vs. face match. Hats off to Paysan, he is a strong champ (currently holding 4 championships!) and an excellent IWS representative.

Finished off the month on the 26th & 27th with my annual High School Tournament I've volunteered at for the past 6 years. The money funds the hockey, basketball and wrestling sports programs. Hard work & lots of eating. Gotta lose the gut for my next match!
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Last Stretch Before Christmas [Dec. 24th, 2006|10:31 am]
The holiday season is upon us, the snow is slowly coming down, the decorations and lights are beginning to shine, the stockings have been hung, and not o mention SeXXXy Eddy is also hung... like a horse ("High Five" - in the voice of Borat). I've been putting these journal entries off, Christmas shopping... you sleep with that many girls, then you've got to pay. All those ladies who didn't grace me with an STD in 2006 (the gift that keeps on giving) got a little something extra in their assholes... I mean, stockings this year ;)

Back to the IWS for "Season's Beatings" on Saturday, December 2nd in singles competition versus the big man "Paranoid" Jake Matthews with his valet Lollipop. Not to be outdone, I was accompanied by LuFisto the equalizer. Now this could have been a great match, but what prevented that was the crooked Commissioner Andy Rossetti's newly appointed senior referee making his officiating debut - the "Prophet" Jeremy Berkaloff. Not only was he biased throughout the contest, but he cut off my strip, explaining that pornography will no longer be tolerated in the IWS. I had Matthews down on many occasions, but the numbers were too great; with Matthews taking it with his dreaded reverse fisherman buster, driving me right on my head.

Friday, December 8th I was the special guest referee at the ALF for a strap match between the lovely Taina and the egotistical Sweet Cherrie accompanied by Princesse Stéphanie. This was their final show of 2006, so I needed to do something special before the bout. I brought into the ring a very special person who has supported indy wrestling in Quebec forever (she was there for my first match!) I brought in the crowd favorite Cristiane. Now some would say, "Are you crazy!" or "You've got to be kidding!" or "Eddy, your fucked in the head!" Well, I'm the only one with the balls to ever pull something like this off, so I did! Once in the ring, she did not want to leave. I even found her false teeth in my underwear! Needless to say, the match was delayed for six minutes due to her excessive leaking which needed to be mopped up. Like usual, my officiating was right down the middle. The girls brought the pain, with some interesting holds and the strap in play. Cherrie was in control throughout, but in the end Taina used part of the festive decorations... a Christmas turkey, to knock out her opponent. We danced all around the ring, and then I jigged it up with some drunk audience members. The turkey breast tasted great, but Taina's tasted even better!

Saturday night, we were in Philly for CZW's biggest show of the "Cage of Death 8: Coming Undone" (time flies since my first COD, two years ago). I faced Hallowicked in a #1 Contender's match for the Jr. Heavyweight title (winner faces Jigsaw in January '07). I enjoyed my match and found it to be quite entertaining, I was not on my game, but the match was good. Not to be bitter, but the crowd's enthusiasm to the match was disappointing. There were too many blood-marks that only come out to see one show a year, expecting a gore-fest. I'm sorry fans, but I don't do that all the time; and frankly, the majority of the CZW fans in attendance that night were spoiled and undeserving. The biggest pop was for my pattented "garbage-can moonsault". As I attempted to remove the trash can from my head and take the win, "Pure Impact" Derek Frazier made his return at my expense by slamming a chair across the can with me still inside. Wicked hit a moonsault and pinned me, still prisoner to the garbage can.

On a quick note, I attended the NCW's 20th Anniversary show on Saturday, December 16th. This was the first federation that I wrestled for in a real ring (IWS was just starting, and the first shows were done on gym mats with makeshift ropes in a dirty bar). I was jobbed out during my stay (which is normal for a rookie), but just a little too much. I had eventually left because I did not feel appreciated, nor did I feel I was being used properly, and because I wanted to grow as a wrestler (they discouraged wrestling elsewhere). I had past grudges, but by the end of the night they had all disappeared, all is forgiven. I saw past faces and friends, and for the first time met some former wrestlers whom had built the company in it's beginnings who were now with secure jobs and with families. It was a nostalgic experience and it was relaxing not to be in the spotlight. Just to sit back & enjoy the show. I wish NCW continued success, to 20 more years.

Before I leave you for a long deserved vacation, I would like to reprint a great description made of myself for a Death Match show held back during this past summer. I will write back in late-January. I would also like to thank this good friend/professional in the world of wrestling. He has been involved in the sport in one form or another for the past 40 years. Credits to Gordo "the wizard of id" from www.declarationofindependents.net :

"SeXXXy Eddy is, at first glance, an unlikely candidate for hardcore icon status. He’s small in stature, slim of build and presents an almost comedic porn star image with his ring attire and claims that his most dangerous weapon is his “five pounds of cock meat” but don’t be fooled. Eddy is one of the most dangerous men to ever step into the ring. He will use every weapon of hardcore at his disposal and he’ll do it on the mat and in the air. Here is a man who will moonsault from the top rope onto an opponent while wearing a garbage can over his shoulders; a man to whom jumping from heights is as natural as breathing; a man who secured his place in hardcore legend by drinking his own squirting arterial blood. SeXXXy Eddy cut his teeth in the insane rings of IWS, his artery in the madness of CZW’s Tournament of Death and, where his twisted brand of triple X hardcore violence was too much for promotions to allow, he cut his path with amazing aerial skills and technical acumen. In Stranglehold he will be unrestrained and uncensored; his opponents and the fans will discover that SeXXXy Eddy redefines the ‘hard’ in hardcore."

Happy & Horny Holidays -XO-
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Ontario "COCK OUT" Tour [Dec. 19th, 2006|02:32 pm]
Well, the weekend of Nov.24th-26th was good to me. I was down for 2 shows, and 2 other shows welcomed me with open arms (that means, more girls to welcome me... with open legs!) I went down with my mentor Marc the Grizzly and Don "I wish I got laid as much as Eddy" Paysan.

Friday was my return to UWA Hardcore in Mississauga, last time I was there was in March. I faced the cocky, the arrogant, and the very pink "Sweet 'N' Sour" Larry Sweeney. He wanted someone hardcore and he got his wish. This return called for a double strip with 2 fine ladies! The fight went all around the ring, but ended back inside with Sweeney holding my tights for the win. I had the last laugh as I put him through a table. The self-proclaimed "ICWICWA Texarkana Television" champ left with his belt, but with his tail between his legs.

Saturday night was a last minute decision to wrestle at "Road To Gold" for Living Legends Wrestling in Hamilton. Since it was a battle royal for the Semi-final match of the night, I figured that I could do the match and still have more than enough energy for that 3-way with the 2 blonde seventeen year-old groupies (wearing my t-shirts... available in the "store section" through my website www.sexxxyeddy.com) that were eying me. I kicked off the match with a strip with just one of them, to make the other one jealous of course ;) When all 30 men were in, the bell rung and the fists were flying. A funny moment had myself choking J.C. Owens in a corner with my boot. He took the opportunity to untie the laces, so I returned the favour with a pattented "titty twister". Coming close to the end (with about 6 participants left), World Renowned Steve Brown snuck up behind me to throw me over the top rope. Let me tell you, for the afte party I was more than able to perform. But I still need to improve my cardio, these underage girls can really go!!!

Sunday afternoon at "Legacy Of The Gods" (also in Hamilton) for New School Wrestling, I squared off against the brash Timothy Dalton accompanied by the seductress Pandora Cain. Before the match even begun, I had to strip for my NSW debut. I had received a special request e-mail, to dance for birthday girl and huge wrestling fan - Lindsey. The whole crowd sang "Happy Birthday" while Lindsey was between my legs. An 18th birthday gift that she will never forget! Dalton was a great competitor in the ring, using his quickness, savvy, and his valet's assets in more ways than one. While beating my head on the turnbuckle, he also beat it on Miss Cain's extremely large bust, which powered me up! I came out victorious with a win, and the urge to tit-fuck! I must also mention that the special guest referee was none other than wrestler Phil Latio. For those of you who haven't seen his work, he is one of the most entertaining wrestlers on the scene. In fact, he is the only guy on the planet to have legit beat up a drunk and obnoxious fan senseless... with a DILDO!!!

Sunday night marked my return to the RWI in Welland for "Pretty Boy" Chuck Simms at his "Wrestle Rock" show. Arriving just in time to see and hear some of the rockin' tunes from "The Guv'nor Generals", I just wanted to kick back a beer while doin' the nasty with a girl in the hay, but had little time to stretch out before the wrestling part of the show began. I heeled it up with my partner the insane Bruno Davis to face the team of "Unreal" Michael Elgin & Jay Fenix. I should have paid more attention to the match, than worrying about jaw-jacking to the fans. Elgin & Fenix capitalized to finish me with a death valley driver into a powerbomb combo, which left me seeing stars. It took me a few minutes to get my bearings, and about fifteen minutes before I was able to get hard and screw again. I had to share the groupie love with the Generals, but they had to share their booze with me. A win-win situation.

A final note. Guys don't be afraid, be forward and direct with women, they love that. Instead of spending too many dates just making out and going home with "blue balls", always shoot to go in a chick's ass. She may be just shy to ask, but she may even be down for the brown! If you get shot down, at least she will break you off a piece of that pussy. You still come out looking like a good guy since you were willing to compromise; and with drained nuts, it guarantees a good night's sleep.
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One Step Closer To Gold [Nov. 15th, 2006|01:30 pm]
Friday, November 10th was my debut in New York for Joel Gertner’s promotion MXW Pro Wrestling. It was also the 25 year, long awaited return of wrestling to Albany! With tag partner Beef Wellington, we challenged Up In Smoke: Cheech & Cloudy in their hometown (coincidentally that weekend, Albany was also Beef’s hometown). What was a face on face match, comedy and actual wrestling holds were exchanged in an equal match-up. In the end, tag experience played a major role, as C & C toking factory won by pinfall as Cloudy hit the code red on Beef. This was worth “checking” out, let’s hope the DVD sales don't “bounce” through the roof!

Saturday night, C-Z-dub fans were treated to a fast-paced 4-way elimination match between myself, Gran Akuma (rising star & ring technician), “Canadian Dynamite” Max Boyer (this year’s CHIKARA “Young Lion’s Cup” winner), and Niles Young (…did I mention he was accompanied by his extremely hot valet Noel Harlow). Max eliminated Akuma with a combination powerbomb and his trademark “Lifestyle”. He then bit the dust when Niles took off his head with a devastating yakuza kick. I surprised Niles, the crowd, and myself after side-stepping his kick with a quick roll-up (…did I mention that I made out with his manager Noel, right before winning the match). Post match sex was needed, so I scooped up a girl from the crowd and made her night (and dreams come true). This puts me in the #1 Contender’s match for the CZW Jr. Heavyweight title at “Cage Of Death 8” against the other 4-way winner Hallowicked. The winner of that match will face the champion Jigsaw in January for his belt. May the better man win.

It is official, SeXXXy Eddy now has his own official MySpace. Go to:
http://www.MySpace.com/sexxxyeddy , and jump on my bandwagon… buy my merch! As friends it is simple, guys just need to purchase something from my site & women just need to suck something from my underwear. It’s that easy!
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I Can Hang With The Women! [Nov. 7th, 2006|03:30 pm]
Interesting turn of events, with a fun-filled debut in Plainfield, Indiana for IWA Mid-South.

The first ever "Queen of the Death Match" was held on Friday night, November 3rd. But Ian Rotten being in a last minute bind, with some girls being unable to attend, I replaced my fallen partner LuFisto to fill out the 8th available spot. Now I thought this would be a walk in the park and an opportunity to fondle some hardcore chicks, I was rudely awakened! First round had me face off against Amy Lee in a "4 corners of pain match". Going through barbwire, thumbtacks, light tubes, lemon juice, and a shitload of mouse traps on my dick! A back and forth exchange of crotch grabbing, saw my 5 lbs. of cockmeat cum out on top! After this beating, I was not looking forward to go on.

In the semi-finals, I faced off against Japanese hardcore superstar Mayumi Ozaki in a "2 out of 3 light tube log cabins match". I was able to power her through with a big back drop through the first cabin. But Mayumi got the best of me with a flurry & dropkick through the second cabin, and a cock launch through the third. It was "Sayonara" to me. Oh well, me love you long time, another time...

The following night, in non-death match action (even though this was the "Tag Team Death Match Tournament"), myself & Jagged (from tag-team 2.0 fame) opened the show and took on IWA-MS Heavyweight champ Chuck Taylor & a returning Mitch Ryder. We isolated Chuck, and had the match, but Mitch got the hot tag and was on fire! A fire that I quickly put out with an out of nowhere roll-up.

I look forward to returning in the IWA-MS ring in the near future. I always enjoy shaking my package for a new audience & for a horde of new hos! Please, I encourage all women (of all ages, races, and tit size) to sign-up now for private auditions. Send me an e-mail at Sexxxyeddy@hotmail.com and you may be chosen to go between my legs during my routine strip when I am in a town near you. And if you do real good, the audition will continue, with the semi-finals taking place in my hotel room. To all the participating ladies, good luck & possibly great fuck!
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WTF! Softcore & Hardcore? [Oct. 31st, 2006|11:49 pm]
Chocolate & peanut butter, ice cream & apple pie, pussy & my cock... all things that go great together! But this was a weekend of extreme contrasts for me. One day a homo-erotic comedy match, followed by a death match. WHAT THE FUCK!!!

Saturday, October 28th was JAPW's "9th Anniversary Show" in Rahway, New Jersey. I teamed up with my on and off laser-tag partner Beef Wellington to take on the dreaded team of the... Christopher Street Connection!!! Now normally this would be a piece of cake, but not when you wear what I wear in the ring. I was seriously traumatized after being anally violated! As I was balled up in the fetal position, Beef tapped out under the pressure of the ambiguously gay duo - while they were tongue wrestling on top of him, with their sacks of nuts in his face! He was covered in sacks, and in nuts, and if he wouldn't of submitted in defeat, he may have been covered in something else. To be honest, there wasn't many bumps taken in this match, just a lot of bumping & grinding from CSC, "In a match that had every single fan in attendance laughing uncontrollably" as stated on their forum by the JAPW site administrator. I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that; but I believe that CSC should have been disqualified when they brought in the foreign object of baby oil into the match. It's very dangerous since someone could have slipped, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye (or gets it in the eye). This match was borderline a softcore homosexual porn. I have taken countless cold showers, and I still feel dirty...

Sunday afternoon, we arrived to Strangle Hold Wrestling in Toronto, Ontario right at bell time, due to strong wind on the roads and because we left so late from Jersey the night before (cause I couldn't keep my cock out of trouble). The stage was set for "BloodStock 2006… Give Pain A Chance", a death match tournament featuring U.S.A. vs. Canada. I battled Madman Pondo - where 2 porno videos, a stop sign, a chair, and a drunken idiot played key roles in our match. Using his experience, Pondo advanced to Round 2. Smart Mark Video will have this show made available shortly. If not for the intense final between Necro Butcher versus LuFisto, get the DVD for the show that the inebriated fool makes during my match. Priceless! My girl broke her hand in the final showdown, and continued on to win the tournament. And because she is one of the toughest woman/persons I know, she will still be competing at next week's "Queen of the Death Match" at IWA Mid-South in Indiana. Just like you do with me baby, I want you to go all the way!

Due to popular demand, and because I heard that I can score with an additional shitload of chicks, SeXXXy Eddy’s Official MySpace is in the works. It is still under construction, but you can already check it out at: http://www.MySpace.com/sexxxyeddy

Through MySpace & YouTube, I have discovered an angel, a 38G angel by the name of Casssidy. If anyone can get me to hook up with this babe from Miami, Florida then I will send you a free SeXXXy Eddy shirt! Now that's a deal, just pimp her in my direction on top of my erection, and you get awesome shit! Check her out, along with some other big breasted babes on: http://www.myboobsite.com This site will provide you with hours of... reading material.

I've also been requested by my many fans to come and wrestle in their towns. Well, if you really want to see me live and in action near you, talk to your local promoters and have them e-mail me at: Sexxxyeddy@hotmail.com There are many parts of the country and many girl's insides that I have yet to discover. Make it happen, the power is in your hands... and in my schlong.
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